Oz is a bit similar to the iconic movie Wizard of Oz.  He has Kansas roots and prefers to work behind the curtains. 

The coveted Joe Kubert school of cartooning and graphic arts accepted a country boy from West Virginia into their program.  After graduating, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Painting at West Virginia University. 

Oz has worked with screen-printing companies for over twenty-five years.  His clients cover Tony Hawk to American Outfitters and plenty of mom and pop businesses in between.  On his free time, he has created countless illustrations and found that digital art is his preferred medium.  

He loves video games almost as much as his mom.   Brought up as a preachers son and grandson from both sides of his family, he understands the delicate balance of black sheep and meek.  There is nothing greater in an artist who wants zero attention. 

Fortunately, Oz has a team that manages the business end so that he can invest his time on creating new works and, of course, gaming.